Who doesn’t want to cuddle a little kitten or maybe many kittens!? Okay, there are some other things that go along with serving as a foster, but all of that can be taught.

  • Foster – We can use help with fostering all age kittens, from little bottle-fed babies to our larger kittens eating dry food. We provide everything you need for supplies from the containers, towels, litter, food, bowls, bottles etc.
  • Transport – Most of the adoption agencies we work with are on the west side of the state. We typically try to meet halfway in either Yakima or Ellensburg. Or are you planning a drive to the Seattle area anyway and have room for a little cat carrier ~ let us know!
  • Bath Day – Can’t keep them in your house, come help us on bath day! Sometimes we will have LOTS of babies that need washing and toothbrush combing.
  • Errands – Looking for the best price at various stores, meeting locals for drop off donations, delivering supplies to fosters… there are ALWAYS things needing done.
  • Paperwork – record keeping, scanning, reimbursements ~ no business is complete without administrative tasks.

If you are interested in learning more about any of our volunteer opportunities, please send us an email at TriCityKitty@yahoo.com

Or fill out the form below, and one of us will be in touch: