Tri City Kitty dedicates itself to rescuing motherless kittens under one pound within the Tri-Cities, an Eastern Washington community. 

At Tri City Kitty, we try to spread our kittens around to ensure no foster home is overwhelmed.  When our numbers aren’t too high, we stage our kittens based upon their immediate needs:  

FYI – Did you know… a newborn, neonate kitten is BARELY the size & weight of a stick of butter?!!?!!

Ultimately, Tri City Kitty creates relationships with other nonprofits who work placing these kittens into deserving families. These adoption agencies are located all over Washington State and sometimes even into Oregon. These organizations work to educate individuals & communities and research each potential home environments. Every effort is made to ensure when these adoptions are finalized, they are indeed final.  Our hope is for these precious kittens to find a permanent home, especially after their rescue from whatever yucky circumstances they started in… Situations which otherwise may have been their ending, but Tri City Kitty helped restart a great beginning!

We just LOVE hearing about how our tiny rescue kittens touch people’s lives, it helps to inspire us in between litter boxes! If you adopted one of our babies, please let us know! Post you photos on our Facebook page or email us so we can post it to our website!